Guesthug is a powerful mobile and tablet enabled hospitality App that saves you time, increases host revenue and elevates guest experiences to the next level. Provide your guests with automated check-in, tailored recommendations and home information hub direct to their mobile or tablet. Learn more about features >

Smart check-in
and check-out

Provide guests with a remote check-in and check-out function with automatic notifications and video welcome providing hosts with you and your hospitality team with a seamless arrival and departure process.

Interactive home
information hub

Online host information hub providing guests easy access to home information and user guides. Once you do away with the cumbersome home information you’ll never look back.

Tailored host

Provide your guests with your tailored recommendations for the local area. Don’t let your guests miss out on the local hotspots only you know about. This personal touch will drive better reviews and repeat bookings.

Pre-order &

Provide your guests with an exclusive pre-order where you choose the items and the pricing. The guest will be able to select and pay through the App in advance of their arrival. Additional income and happy guests with be the result.

Instant check-out

Be instantly alerted when your guest checks out with feedback and condition ratings allowing you to take action and avoid less than perfect reviews. Your guests will love you for it and it ensures you stay top-dog in the listings.

Our Story

How it all began
The foundations of Guesthug were built when Kris and Alex decided to develop a high-tech solution to take the time and effort out of running a short-letting business. With over eight years of practical experience in the industry the founders knew exactly what day to day challenges arise when trying to manage guests remotely and deliver a professional hosting experience when time is short.

How we solved the problem
The result has been the creation of a razor sharp mobile hospitality App that has simplicity and functionality at its core, using technology to support and enhance the end to hosting experience. With a carefully honed set of high-tech guest management features the result for hosts are significant time savings, better reviews, additional revenue streams and repeat bookings.
During the early stages of testing and development the App delivered a 90% reduction in time taken responding to guest queries and 100% positive feedback from guests themselves, and the decision was made to open Guesthug to the world.

Our vision
Our mission is to elevate short-term property letting to the next level using the latest mobile technology. Seamless guest and host experiences are at the heart of our ethos, and we aim to share these benefits with the global hosting community. Smart hosting with Guesthug offers hosts a powerful technology based solution to guest management is the benchmark tool for hosts.
Kris & Alex

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